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What is the Online Academy for? The Online Academy is used for training and further education as well as for certification of our products.
How do I register? You register at without any obligation and free of charge. After your registration your account will be checked and approved by the admin of the Online Academy. As soon as your account has been approved  you will be informed by e-mail. You will receive a preview at
Which trainings are available? On-site training: Here you will be trained live on-site at our premises or at one of our training centres by one of our qualified trainers. Online seminar: Here you will be trained live online by one of our qualified trainers on the desired topic. Online training: Here you can train and educate yourself online  at any time and completely independently  on the selected topic. These are not live events but recorded videos and presentations.
What do the courses cost? Some of the courses are subject to a fee. You can easily see this by selecting the course and in the description of the course you will find information about what kind of course it is, what content is taught and whether the course is free of charge or with costs.
How do I register for a training?

In the catalogue you can select the desired training (the filters on the left side of the catalogue overview will also help you). If you then select a training, you will be taken to the page where the training is described. At the bottom of the page you will find the tab "register for training". Please note: There are courses which you can start immediately after registration. Other trainings have to be approved by the admin of the Online Academy. Once this has been done, you will receive a confirmation email and can start the training.


How is invoicing done? The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as you have started the selected training.
How do I get my certificate? Certain courses include a confirmation of participation or a certificate. As soon as you have completed the course completely and successfully  you can download the confirmation of participation or the certificate under "Achievements" for the corresponding course.
How can I cancel a course? To cancel or rebook a training course please contact us directly by mail at
How can I delete my account? You have the possibility to delete your account in your user account on your own. You can also ask the Admin to do this. Simply contact After the deletion of your account you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
Who can I ask if I have problems? Please contact or use the message function in the Online Academy directly. Describe your request or problem to us and we will contact you immediately by e-mail or telephone
What can I see in the calendar? In the calendar you can see from the colour-coded days that a training session is taking place on that day. By clicking on the respective day, you will receive information about the events on that day under the calendar. By clicking on an event you will get an overview and a detailed description of this course.
How do I see my progress in the individual training sessions? Under "Achievements" you can view your already selected trainings and view individual details about the trainings, such as progress in the respective modules or the results of the individual tests in the courses.
Where can I change my account details? By clicking on your user profile (grey round icon in the upper dark grey bar) you can access your user profile. Here you have the possibility to change all data of your account. You can also contact our admin if you wish to make changes. Simply send us an email to
What interactions are there in the online courses? Drag and Drop: Drag the terms into the correct free fields. Text field: Enter the correct answer here. Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer to a question from a range of possible answers.
What happens if I do not pass a test? Some courses have one or more tests included and you will only progress in the course if you pass the test with the required percentage. If you fail, you can take the test again.